The Incredible SpillNot

No More Spills - No More Mess

The SpillNot

The Incredible SpillNot - No Spills, No Mess. Order yours today and click again for family and friends. SALE - THIS WEEK ONLY OUR LOWEST PRICE EVER!

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It's not magic - it's physics! The SpillNot is an incredible invention that allows anyone to easily carry hot or cold drinks around the house, to the sofa, up and down stairs, to the bedroom, and outside to a workshop, greenhouse, shed, garage, studio or office - without those messy, annoying, spills.

Everyone loves the SpillNot. We could talk about Newtonian physics and centripetal force, but we would rather let some of our satisfied customers explain it. 


SAFETY FIRST -  When used with caution and common sense, the SpillNot allows you to carry your favorite beverages without those messy annoying spills. NOTE: this amazing invention is based on physics not magic. If it is bumped,  shaken vigorously, or aggressively spun, drinks could spill. It's great fun to push the limits of the SpillNot but please be careful, and practice before attempting tricks near other people. First go to an outdoor open area, away from other people, and never use hot beverages or breakable containers.